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Measure your shopper approval - and fix issues at the same time.

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Satisfy your shoppers

Shoppers determine your success or failure – whether they buy online or in the store.

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Match your stock to your shopper needs. Gain £'s and shopper approval.

Do your stores measure up?

A great deal is talked about loyalty cards, but the figures don’t lie. Coop and Tesco have the longest lasting loyalty card programmes in the country. They also have very poor loyalty figures, with financial results to match. The Tesco Loyalty Balance sheet on the right shows exactly how they they fail their customers and the map below shows where.


Store cards are great for insight, and for targeting special offers that really motivate those additional purchases. To keep new customers coming, and prevent existing ones going you need to get your general offering right.


Retailers and brands have a common goal, to satisfy shoppers. Shoppers have more choice than ever, and have become used to excellent service standards on the web. Fortunately, the web (and big data) can also provide the solutions to targeting your issues and benchmarking your opportunity. 

The loyalty balance sheet


What we can do for you

Target core stores, and their staff to get the right shopper response where you are weak.

Employ big data to get the promotion sales you are missing now, get the right products in stock in their chosen stores to improve sales and make shoppers happier too.

Target the very best proven shopper marketing techniques at your happier, and more numerous shoppers to build traffic and basket size


Relevant Stocking

Stock requirements differ from store to store, let us provide you with the information that will lead to better stocking


Customer Loyalty

Repeat customers are an essential part of any business. Storecheck can help provide the key to securing and retaining them.


Higher Yield

With Storechecks proven ability to identify core stores and target key consumers, stores see a much more consistent (and higher) return on their investments.

The Loyalty Balance Sheet keeps you in touch with your local and national issues, Use this to guide where, and how you invest for growth. 

Delivering results to retain customers and boost profits

Providing insight into how your stores are working for you and helping to make the most of them.

Store Loyalty Drivers

Product/Service availability 62%
Ease/Efficiency of service 52%
Product/Service knowledge 41%
Engaged shop floor staff 35%
Understanding of loyal customer 28%
Understanding of customer experience 25%
Service with a smile 22%
Customer reward/Loyalty schemes 21%
Staff training 19%
Incentives for return visit 15%
Competitions 2%